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Renew Hemp CBD Vape Casino Box 125MG

renew CBD Casino Box GREEN APPLE

Green Apple

Renew Hemp CBD Vape Top 200MG

RENEW Hemp Vape Blackberry 200mg


Renew Hemp CBD Vape 250MG

RENEW Hemp Vape Blueberry Vape - 250mg


Renew Hemp CBD Vape 500MG

Kiwi-Strawberry Vape - 500mg


Renew Hemp CBD Vape 1000MG

Renew Hemp Vape Tropical Punch 1000 mg

Tropical Punch

Renew Hemp CBD Drops 250MG

RENEW Hemp Vape Raspberry Drops 15ml -250mg


Renew Hemp CBD Drops 500MG

RENEW Hemp Drops 500 mg Citrus Mint Drops - 500mg

Citrus Mint

Renew Hemp CBD Drops 1000MG

RENEW Hemp Drops 1000 mg Lemonade Drops - 1000mg


PET renew Hemp CBD Drops For Pets 250MG

Salmon Flavor

PET renew Hemp CBD Drops for Pets 1000MG

RENEW Hemp Drops for pets

Salmon Flavor




What is Hemp CBD, and is it legal and beneficial?

Simply answered, CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural chemical compound derived from the hemp plant, and is legal in all 50 states. The agricultural operations that produce the hemp must be legal as well, which is why the brands of CBD products we carry obtain their CBD from hemp grown on farms that adhere to all federal regulations.

Additionally, all our CBD products are THC free! THC is another more heavily regulated compound found in hemp.

CBD may be utilized or consumed in accordance with the product labeling through a variety of flavorful and often fun products like the ones produced by E-Blunt CBD.

CBD Product Info

Our Vapor Products are made with gluten free, food grade, natural flavors and solvent-free, terpene infused, hemp-derived Canaibidol isolate.

Vapor Dosage: 3 small puffs on a vapor pen. Total approximately 300 puffs per Slim Top and 150 puffs per Casino.

Our Tincture Drops are made with organic, sugarfree flavors and organic MCT oil with solvent-free, terpene infused, hemp-derived Cannibidiol isolate.

Drops Dosage: 1-3 drops. The tincture drops come with a 1ml eyedropper. CBD takes approximately 48 to 72 hours to build up in your system, then when you take your daily dosage it activates the CBD in your body. Small doses throughout the day keeps the CBD active in your bloodstream. We make no medical claims.

It’s important to note that these statements have not been approved by the food and drug administration. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also refrain from using CBD products, just to be on the safe side. And we’re more than happy to discuss natural hemp CBD and our product line with our distributors so that their customers can also be informed.